Read below
to see what our clients think of us...

We're happy that our technology and services add value and improve lives.

Read below
to see what our clients think of us...

We're happy that our technology and services add value to businesses and improve lives.

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Our programs and services are based on the principles of Landed Experts, which are designed to help you achieve success personally and professionally.

SAP SoftwareJune 10th, 2019 - Mentee (Software Developer)

I am a developer who made a career change. Having completed programs from Technology Institution, I have applied to just under a hundred jobs within a year without success.

The mentorship program offered by Landed Experts Technologies gave me what I was missing - Canadian experience, real-life projects and confidence. After participating in the program for two months, I was able to land a job from the first try. I am thankful to Kazem and LET team for their effort.

If you are a developer struggling with landing a job due to a not having a local experience consult with LET.

EventChain SmartTicketsLance Shaler (Chairman / COO)

EventChain SmartTickets entered into a contract with Landed Experts in November 2017 to create an Event Ticketing system for us. It is now one year later and the software has been formally released into production.

Kaz, the owner of Landed Experts, has been a true pleasure to work with in every way. He cultivated a team of 16 people who were all exemplary in their performance. We plan to continue to use Landed Experts on an ongoing basis for further production versions plus system support and maintenance.

SOS Computer ExpertsAli Moshajari (CEO-Founder)

Landed Experts consulting team provides us with first-class consulting service in planning, executing and delivering technical solutions. They helped us with the successful delivery of a critical solution that allowed two world leading shipping companies to integrate their services and reduce cost in increasing their productivity and reducing unnecessary communication overhead.

During this project Landed Experts guided the technical discussions with SOS Experts remote software development team in an outstanding and professional manner. We are committed to having a long-term business relationship with Landed Experts in delivering IT solutions.

Atrexis Systems Ltd.Patrick Ng (Project Manager)

Landed Expert has helped us acquired highly talented professionals to join the team. They understand the technology and know the difference between good and great. I would definitely recommend Landed Expert.

City of VancouverBien Barroque (Business Analysis)

Landed Experts allowed me to work on a project that helped me first, get validations on the knowledge I have gained from various sources in the past and second, learn how to use new and widely used tools in software development.

This helped me a lot to become more prepared and confident for the next step to get my dream job. I got my dream job and I am now applying the stock knowledge I got from my experience while being a part of a team at Landed Experts.

Landed Experts Technologies Inc.Juan Lei (Software Developer)

As a software developer that only had experience abroad, trying to find my first job after I came back to Canada was not easy. Landed Experts provided me an opportunity to gain local industrial experience. I can practice the knowledge I have learned as well as learn new skills while working with a friendly and reliable team on challenging projects. The mentorship program is a very unique program that helped me to gain experience and more importantly, confidence and courage towards new challenges.

Sierra WirelessAnonymous (Business Analyst)

Landed Experts mentorship program is a great opportunity for the expert people who need Canadian experience to enter Vancouver’s IT job market. I took this program as a Business Analyst an I am really satisfied with the outcome. I strongly recommend taking advantage of this program.

Insurance Corporation of British ColumbiaP.A. Wilson (UX Designer)

I graduated from SFU with BSc. in Computing Science many years ago. I always had interest but not the opportunity to work in the software development industry. Amidst an employment gap I had, Landed Experts hired me as a UI/UX designer and provided the support and the environment I needed to apply my skills and gain the experience and the confidence I needed to grow professionally. This helped me to move on and further my career path as a UI/UX designer working on software solutions.

Landed Experts Technologies Inc.Irina Soboleva (Senior Software Engineer)

LET helped me, as a newcomer to Canada, to gain local work experience and to broaden my skills. I like the supportive atmosphere in this company and opportunities to work with leading technologies it provides. I am grateful to LET mentorship program that made my career shift possible and would highly recommend it.

Landed Experts Technologies Inc.Ramandeep Kaur (Full-Stack Developer)

Landedexperts’ mentorship program is one of the rare and well thought out initiatives in the Vancouver area. In the past year, I have seen all the mentees who were part of the program becoming successful in getting full-time positions. The learning and experience gained in the duration are a tremendous help in getting a start which is otherwise not possible. I would gladly recommend it to the students struggling to find their footing in the IT industry.

Anonymous (Software Developer)

Landed Experts Technologies helped me develop the skills necessary to become a competent software developer. It gave me the opportunity to work with a great team while using some of the latest web technologies on very meaningful projects. Working here was a great experience and I am very content with what I learned.

Anonymous (QA Engineer)

I re-entered the job market after an extended break caused by illness. Working at LET helped me greatly. It was challenging and fun. I liked the atmosphere there and would highly recommend this place for people who are in a similar situation.

Sreelakshmi Kodoth (Software Developer)

I had a wonderful experience with Landed experts, the mentorship program helps me to get Canadian work experience and to expand my knowledge as well. As a newcomer to Canada, it was a great platform for me which help to achieve my goal.

Grow TechnologiesNithya Lakshmi (Software Developer)

Landed in Canada as a Permanent Resident. All that I had to search for a job is my Graduate degree and Courage to make a successful career in my dream field – Software !!

Looking for a job after a long break was eventually stressful. I almost lost hope, and then heard about Landed Experts in North Vancouver. Had an interview for the Mentorship program and joined the very next day. Having a pleasant work experience to date. Thank you Landed Experts – for being a light at the end of the tunnel !!

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