About Us

Who We Are

Landed Experts Technologies is a Vancouver based software company with a collaborative team of talented individuals and partners that collectively provide over a few decades of experience in providing high quality software solutions and consulting services to clients.

Landed Experts Technologies strength is in its culture, the global insight of its team and technological expertise it offers. Through dedication and showcasing its team skills, L.E.T has been  recognized as a valuable contributor in success of its clients.

By integrating experience and talent from different industries around the world we have created a cohesive team of global experts that gives us the advantage to deliver value to consumers and businesses across the globe with:

Efficient Service:  Being a lean company allows us to have very fast turn around and short response time to clients’ inquiries.

Flex Pricing:  Due to little managerial and bureaucratic overhead our rates are very competitive.

Technical Diversity:  We have diverse engineering and design expertise in healthcare, airlines, utility, finance, education, ticketing, Blockchain and other industries.

Our Vision

One of the biggest challenges for new comers to Canada and their success in finding employment is their lack of “Canadian Experience” in their own area of expertise.  There are many professionals who possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise but simply lack the local experience that’s so vital for blending into the Canadian marketplace.

Landed Experts Technologies recognized this challenge as an opportunity to create a unique model.  A model that onboards, trains and integrates a pool of talented individuals into a growing marketplace in a very flexible and cost-effective manner.  Our unique model takes advantage of a team of local experts, supported by a team of highly skilled and motivated global talent, combined with the use of advanced tools and technologies, to deliver high end technology solutions to clients faster and cheaper.

Founded in 2017, Landed Experts has had the opportunity to hire 15 new comers (7 female and 8 male engineers) to join our group of highly dynamic technology professionals. We are proud of this achievement and will continue to be a dedicated contributor to the social and economic development of Canada and the IT marketplace.

Landed Experts is not a non-profit organization and does not rely on government’s assistance to achieve its goals. That’s why we invite you to share our vision, benefit from our unique model, and get exceptional service and expertise from a team of qualified local and global professionals.