Advanced Security for
File Storage & Transfer

Why Choose LetLock?

  • Simple to Use for desktop, mobile, personal or business users
  • Digital Storage Security with fast and strong Encryption with no backdoor
  • Secure files locally or on the Cloud
  • Secure multiple files at different locations together with the same password
  • The most secure file transfer using decentralized technology of Blockchain

Key Features:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface for file Encryption and file transfer on desktop or mobile.
  • File(s) are secured with 128- or 256-bit encryption on the fly
  • File(s) can be secured locally or on the cloud (google Drive, iCloud, One drive, …)
  • File(s) are secured in a locker allowing multiple files to be secured with the same password with one click
  • Virtual locker allows multiple files from different folders to be secured with the same password without  being moved. Each file will be secured in  place.
  • Add or remove file(s) from a secured locker.
  • Passwords are not stored in any centralized location and can not be retrieved by any entity.
  • There is no backdoor to unlock the secured files without the password.
  • Files can be locked, unlocked, edited or shredded with a single click.
  • Simple File Transfer without the complexity and vulnerability of sharing public and private keys
  • Secure File Transfer with the strongest encryption and most advanced technology of Block chain and Amazon Web Services
  • Secure File Transfer is made directly from the LetLock software by choosing the  file(s), clicking the SEND button and simply selecting the recipient. The recipient will be automatically invited via email if necessary. The invitation email contains instructions on how to unlock the transferred file(s). Sender can track the time that recipient has unlocked the file(s).


LetLock Desktop is scheduled to be released on March 2019.

LetLock Mobile  is scheduled to be released on May 2019.